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Privacy Policy

Encryption Practices
1. If you elect to sign in using SSL, your information is scrambled while in transit from your computer to our server. Other sites may be accessed through our site and they may collect personal identifiable information. Sites accessed through this web site are not covered under our privacy policy or the terms & conditions of http://www.givemelandlotsofland.com. America's Home Place takes all measures available to keep your information secure. However, America's Home Place cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk. To determine whether or not a web page on a site is secure, look for a padlock at the bottom of your web browser or look for "https" in your address bar at the beginning of the web address.

2. Our website does collect 'cookies' which is a small text file generated and stored on your computer. Cookies do not automatically give us your e-mail address, do not transmit viruses, and do not allow anyone to look at your hard disk. Cookies can tell us your name, email address or other information we elect to set, but only if you submit it on a form. A 'Cookie' helps us to prevent you from making the same choices over again and helps us to deliver to you a more user friendly web site. We do not share any information sent to us including feedback and registration forms with anyone else without your permission. Your browser can be set to notify you of a request to send a cookie and you can even disable 'cookies' all together. We suggest you leave it set 'on' to make your visit here as convenient as possible. We use cookies to track your movement through the site, determine time spent on the site, pages viewed and the referring url. This tracked information may be sent to the listing owners for aggregate use upon your submission of our 'Information Request' forms on a specific listing.

Account Information
3. Your account information (including your email address), will not be shared, sold or provided to anyone outside our company without your express permission. Your password is stored encrypted in our database with no way to decipher it. If you lose your password, you can request that it be reset automatically and the new password be sent to the email address on record for the account.

Privacy Protection for Individuals
4. Accounts that are created as individuals and not licensed realtors will only have their name, state, email and phone number presented on the listings for the public to view. We will hide the street address, city and zip code. Accounts that are created as licensed realtors will have all their account information shown on the listings page for properties. It is assumed that if an account is created as a licensed realtor, that that data would be the address of the business. If you are a licensed realtor and work from your home address and do not want your home address information shown, then you will need to setup your account as an individual and not a licensed realtor. If you have a P.O. Box to use for contact, then use this instead if you feel uncomfortable listing your home address if you are a licensed realtor working out of your home and do not want your home address information displayed, but want the benefit of the 'realtor only' search and reciprocal link.